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Are you the Creator or an Engineer?

The kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s where we gather as a family, where everyday life happens, packed lunches are made, ‘you wash and I’ll dry’. It’s where we socialise with friends over a coffee or make the perfect Gin and Tonic in the summer. I love our family kitchen but your ‘Kitchen Culture’ may be quite different.

One thing that all of us do in the kitchen is cook. We all do things differently, and have our ways, but it often leads a kitchen design. And it’s funny how many times the same things are discussed. This got me thinking – it seems to me as if there are two very distinct types of ‘home chef’:

1. The Creator - an artist. No rules. This chef may look at a recipe but use it merely as a guideline, or they will adapt something based on what is in the fridge. They will cook using their instinct, knowing when something needs more time or heat.

2. The Engineer - precise, meticulous. Work surfaces cleared before starting. Ingredients purchased with a recipe in mind. Recipe followed to the dot - 250g of flour isn’t 248g of flour. Temperatures set and times followed. No deviation, alarm set.

Many households have one of each - we certainly do!

There is no right or wrong way of course – the end results are often similar (unless the Gin and Tonic was too strong) but we have found that listening to customers’ stories really helps bring a plan together and acts as a guide to their choice of appliances.

So often, customers want flexibility. Time is precious, you need to bake cookies for the school fundraiser while the dinner is being readied. You want to cook the family Roast Dinner and have space for the Yorkshire puddings and spuds. You want a quick and simple option for a pizza dinner after a busy day.

We have recently added the latest Samsung cooking appliances into our showroom. It was a decision based on customer stories and their need for flexible cooking options.

The Samsung Dual Flex Oven allows you to have a large single oven, or add a divider and press the handle trigger to open only half the door thereby creating a double oven, both working at different temperatures if needed. It is so simple, yet so effective. If you have space, the combi microwave complements this perfectly and adds further cooking options. Flex zones on the induction hob allow for any pan size, which provides a much better use of space.

Samsung oven, combi and warm drawer

So, whether you are ’The Creator’ or ‘The Engineer’ (or if two of you are cooking something at the same time) you have the peace of mind that your chosen appliances and our design solutions will accommodate your needs and more.

If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen, then do get in touch or drop in to the showroom to have a look.

Your Kitchen, Your Culture. Our pleasure.

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