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Enter the Pantry!

All hail the Pantry - Its on my wish list!

Beautifully stacked pantries seem to be everywhere at the moment, some look like works of art! A safe place to display and store your carefully selected bulk buys or refill options as many embrace more eco-friendly lifestyles.

They are not limited to larger homes – even smaller kitchens can usefully incorporate a pantry, larder and drawer solutions as you will see from the photos of some of our well designed 'real' kitchens below.

Great kitchen design is key to creating the space required for these storage gems, if you would like to find out what options could work in your kitchen re-design then book an appointment with Simon. Alternatively, come to the showroom, just outside St Neots in Cambridgeshire; with 12 working displays you are sure to find some inspiration!

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