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Your kitchen, your culture, your choice

I love designing kitchens. I love the look on peoples faces when they see the images or 3D room that has been designed for them. And there is no better feeling that knowing you have nailed it.

Of course everyone has their own tastes, preferred colours, styles. Range cookers, or side by side ovens. Modern or traditional. Sometimes it is the home that pushes people in a certain way. We have completed some fantastic rooms recently with such diverse choices that I think we can safely say we have something for everyone.

If ten home owners had the same room shape / size, I am pretty sure we would end up with a real mix of finished rooms. You simply can't have a one size fits all approach.

There are always constants. Better use of storage, the balance between filling a room and having an empty room, hiding certain things away. It still amazes me how sometimes it is the smallest detail that need to be considered. Like recycling woes, hard water causing problems or never having anywhere to put the ironing board.

So when I design a room it is very much a consultation. I can't decide what you want, but equally you won't know all the options open to you. We need each others input.

I often find that when asked directly 'what do you want in your room?' you can get blank looks. Its only once you start talking informally that the important bits come out.

We offer and free consultation and design service. There is no obligation. But we do encourage you to put the kettle on. It can often be the trigger for discussion that we need to make your dream kitchen.

You Kitchen. Your Culture.

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