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Optimising space in your kitchen

We had an interesting job recently where we designed and installed a fitted kitchen in an unconvential shape room with limited space. I love a challenge and needed to think creatively about how to get the most from the room, without making it feel overcrowded. We started to talk through these options with the customer and it really prompted some great discussions which led to the final design choices.

I think it is safe to say that we have more 'stuff' these days and while having a logical order to your room can help, optimising the space is a must. It is on everyone's list regardless of room size. So I thought I would summarise some of my thoughts here.

1. Compact appliances

"I couldn't do without a dishwasher". Well you don't have to. What about a slimline dishwasher. It may make all the difference to getting that extra cupboard in, or allowing you to have a wider cupboard option elsewhere. And do you need a large single oven? IF you're not cooking for a large family then why not opt for a compact or combination oven / microwave?

2. Access the corners

The corner cupboard should be an opportunity not a frustration. Space savers like the Nuvola pullout are excellent, giving you access to the full cabinet and meaning everything is easily grabable. L-Shape corners give you a place to put big pots, dishes, slow cookers etc. One customer recently brought their 4 year old boy to the showroom and he sat on the shelf in one of the corner cupboards playing on his tablet so our units are strength tested too!

3. Hang up

If you don't mind seeing kitchen items then midways are such a good option. There is dead space between your worksurface and the wall unit and having items hanging here is a no brainer. I love the Sensio midway hanging rail system for example which is functional but looks so neat!

4. Tall units

The bank of tall units gives total storage options. I love the SpaceTower to really feel the storage benefit but using the full height of the room in a particular space can make such a difference. But while we are talking about height, why not use the space above wall units too? Or if you struggle to reach what is in your wall units, there are 'pull downs' on the market too (although I wouldn't say they are space savers).

5. The window seat

You don't need to stop a run of cabinets just because you have a low level window. Make it a feature, and still keep storage.

6. Don't underestimate the pan drawer

A drawer unit gives you more access to the full cupboard. Depending on the choice of kitchen, opt for a 3 drawer (2 deep and 1 standard size drawers) to make full use of the space.

Drawer units under the sink allow for more clever storage choices and using every bit of space wisely.

7. Its all in the design

Get the room designed. You will be amazed what a difference it can make. If you don't know the options, you will not know the best way to get the most from the room. We offer a free and no obligation design service so why not get in touch today.

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