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Our Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for people who love spending time in the kitchen

Are you wondering what to buy for that friend or loved one who seems to be always cooking or socialising in the kitchen? We have browsed the web and here present to you what we recommend as our best Christmas gifts for the person who, kitchen-wise, has everything.


1. 3-in-1 Wine Chiller, aerator, and pourer. Wine connoisseurs will know that aerating wine helps develop the flavour, and white and rosé wine is best served chilled. This 3-in-1 gadget removes the need for a bulky wine cooler and makes pouring freshly aerated wine an absolute doddle. £8.99:


2. Sophie Botsford double oven glove. You can never have too many oven gloves! These protective gloves feature one of Sophie's classic wildlife designs, British game birds, on a soft neutral background. Perfect for a country house out in the sticks, or to bring a piece of the countryside into the town. £18.00:


3. KitchenAid 4.3L classic stand mixer. It is one of our pricier recommendations, but a good mixer is a staple of any home chef's routine. If your loved one doesn't have one already, then this entry level stand mixer from KitchenAid makes the ideal gift. It has 10 speeds and 10 available attachments (sold seperately), enabling it to whip up everything from cake batter to ice cream, pizza dough, salsa and more with ease, and its high quality design ensures that it always looks stunning whilst doing so. £399 RRP: All kitchen counter-top appliances are available through Kitchen Culture.


4. How to Cook Everything poster. Ideal if your friend or loved one enjoys cooking anything and everything and would appreciate an easy way to refresh their memory - or perhaps particularly ideal for a student who may find themselves cooking for the first time! This could be their go-to reference point on the wall for all the old staples, and some new recipes too. Featuring brief instructions on how to cook everything from a joint of venison to a restaurant-style curry. £12.95 (A3 framed) or £14.95 (A2, unframed):


5. Personalised 'Problem Solving Wine Glass'. Note - Drinking from this may not actually solve your friend or loved one's problems, but is quite likely to help them feel better! Have it personalised with their name for no extra cost. £9.99:


6. Lords and Labradors Loveable Labradors apron. Just like oven gloves, one thing a home chef can never have enough of is aprons - particularly ones as subtly beautiful as this one. Made of 100% cotton with a roomy front pocket and a tie waist, this endearing design is perfect for dog lovers. French Bulldog, Cockerpoo, Pug and Dachshund designs are also available. £21.00:


7. KLEMOO meat tenderiser. No more bashing steaks with a mallet and turning them to mush! 48 stainless steel blades make this no ordinary meat tenderiser. It is simple to use - the blades are retracted for safety and only come out when the device is pressed against a piece of meat, at which point they impact every area all at once - no waiting around. Each blade creates a pocket in the meat for juices to sit whilst cooking, helping to transform even cheaper cuts into delicious and succulent cooked steaks. £25.22:


8. Lakeland digital slow cooker 6.5L. If you don't have a multifunctional oven which will handle slow cooking for you, then it is sometimes hard to find a slow cooker which has a large enough capacity for a large family or bulk meals. This cooker has an impressive working capacity of 5.5 litres, as well as a digital control panel which helps ensure that your food is cooked perfectly, every time. Use it to make curries, pasta sauces, and casseroles, or as a complement to your oven on days where oven space is at a premium to cook perfectly tender and succulent joints of meat or whole chicken. A thoughtful gift for someone who perhaps doesn't always have time to spend at the stove but still wants to cook delicious food. £59.99:


9. Sabrina Ghayour - Bazaar (Sunday Times Bestseller). The ideal gift for fans of Middle Eastern cooking and complete beginners alike, this book of vibrant vegetarian recipes is full of flavour. Each recipe utilizes the abundance of varied taste profiles of the East, from spices, herbs and perfumed aromatics to hearty staples such as grains and pulses, combined with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bring some warmth and spice into the recipient's kitchen at Christmas. £26 RRP, currently £16.99 on Amazon:


10. And...last but certainly not least...

Our perfect Christmas gift? A new Kitchen Culture kitchen, of course!


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Dec 08, 2019

What a great Blog - some very good Christmas ideas!

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